“Franco Cesarini is an outstanding example of what the French describe as “musicien complet”; an excellent instrumentalist, composer and conductor embodied in one person.”

Peter-Lukas Graf


Franco Cesarini:
Composer, Conductor, Flautist and Publisher

Almost three years have passed since Edition Franco Cesarini was founded; a debut full of satisfactions and challenges that will see a repertoire of over 35 publications by the end of this year.

Notes from the Road, Op. 60

Notes from the Road was commissioned to Franco Cesarini by the music Federation of the Canton of Thurgau, Switzerland, as compulsory piece for the second category of the Canton Festival in 2023.

The piece is written in the typical form of an Italian overture, with the sequence of veloce-lento-veloce tempi.


Reflections on life and the street as its metaphor were the driving elements in composing this piece. The way represents a symbol characteristic to many cultures, so much so that the verb “to walk” or the word “path” indicate a way of being in life and of fulfilling oneself. “Making one’s way” means affirming oneself; “Having a way” indicates one’s own and personal approach. The road is the most beautiful metaphor of life: there is a departure, a destination, and in the middle lies a path that is sometimes winding, with challenges to overcome and directions to take.


An introspective piece, an invitation to each of us to reflect on our own “path”.


Classic Meets Contemporary

A first CD that features 8 classical works arranged for concert band by Franco Cesarini and a second CD that includes 6 original pieces by the Maestro. All recorded with the The Royal Netherlands Army Band ‘Johan Wilhelm Friso’, conductor Franco Cesarini.



“Cesarini’s masterly command of orchestration creates appealing tone colors and constantly fluctuating depths of sound. He enthralls us using the allure of instrumental voices, weaving them together before letting them resolve in atmospheres and impressions which leave a lasting impression on the individual listener.”

Maestro Bruno Amaducci,
former Guest Conductor of the Metropolitan Opera in New York,
the Opéra National de Paris, the English Chamber Orchestra and others.

Edition Franco Cesarini successfully launched in the USA at the 77th Midwest Clinic, December 20 – 22, 2023

Mission Statement: “The Midwest Clinic strengthens international instrumental music education through extensive professional development opportunities, inspirational experiences and cultivation of rewarding professional relationships.” The Midwest Clinic […]
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Notes from the Road, Op. 60
Franco Cesarini, Performed by the Royal Netherlands Army Band 'Johan Willem Friso', Franco Cesarini conductor

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01 August


Swiss National Holiday: Civica Filarmonica di Lugano
Franco Cesarini, Conductor

Piazza della Riforma (21:15h)
Lugano, Switzerland

06 October


Autumn Concert
Civica Filarmonica di Lugano
Franco Cesarini, Conductor

Palazzo dei Congressi
Lugano, Switzerland