SIBO performing Symphony No. 3: “Pulsating, emotionally rousing and exciting”!

4 August 2022

To write a consistently pulsating, emotionally rousing and exciting symphony from beginning to end with just one theme is true art. Performed by the Bern Symphonic Wind Orchestra (SIBO) at the WASBE Conference in Prague in July, 2022, the Symphony No. 3 “Urban Landscapes”, op. 55 by Franco Cesarini simply prompted a standing ovation for the orchestra and loud shouts of enthusiasm for the composer. With contemporary music, it is usually rather difficult for the audience to grasp the structure of the work they are listening to and to fully enjoy it in the moment. Most of the time, the audience only grasps the meaning after repeated listening. The musicians are miles ahead of the audience here since they have rehearsed the work in detail for hours. Not so with Franco Cesarini’s 3rd Symphony “Urban Landscapes”. He takes the listeners step by step and draws them deeper and deeper into the vibrant life of Chicago, the Windy City on Lake Michigan. One theme runs like a red thread through the symphony, but is repeatedly and creatively set to music, deconstructed and with changing orchestrations so that it is recognized as familiar throughout the composition, without ever becoming boring. Quite the contrary.

© Alexandra Link

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