28 May 2022: Presentation of the International BUMA Award 2021 to Franco Cesarini

17 November 2021

Every year, the Dutch Buma Cultuur Foundation presents the Buma Awards to composers and publishers, among others, for their achievements in the previous year. The Buma Wind Music Awards are awarded annually to composers who have made an important contribution to the development of wind music in the Netherlands and beyond.

During the “Fanfare Repertoire and Network Days 2022”, the national and international BUMA Wind Music Awards will be presented. These ‘Edisons of wind music’ are awarded annually to people who have made a major and positive contribution to the development of wind music in the Netherlands and beyond. This selection and nomination of candidates takes place in close consultation with the Dutch Repertoire Information Centre.

The international BUMA Award 2021 will be presented to Franco Cesarini. The Swiss composer is awarded this prize thanks to his extensive oeuvre of approximately 45 compositions for wind orchestras. His music is appreciated by a very wide audience worldwide and performed by many orchestras. The compositions show both a great deal of originality and craftsmanship. In addition to many works for concert band/symphonic wind orchestra, Cesarini also writes for brass band and – usually at the request of a Dutch or Belgian orchestra – for fanfare.

The award ceremony will take place on Saturday 28 May 2022 during the last day of the Fanfare Repertoire and Network Days that will be held in Deventer, Elspeet and Nunspeet this year.

Winners of the International BUMA Brass/Wind Award:

2008 Philip Wilby (UK)

2009 Robert Childs (UK)

2010 Jan Van der Roost (B)

2011 Philip Sparke (UK)

2012 Martin Ellerby (UK)

2013 Edward Gregson (UK)

2014 Luc Vertommen (B)

2015 Oliver Waespi (CH)

2016 Kevin Houben (B)

2017 Marco Pütz (L)

2018 Oscar Navarro (ES)

2019 Thomas Doss (A)

2020 Bert Appermont (B)

2021 Franco Cesarini (CH)

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