19 June, 2022

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French Premiere of the
3rd Symphony “Urban Landscapes”
L’Harmonie Bischheim, Aimé Bastian, Conductor

Salle Erasme, Palais de la musique et des congrès (PMC) (17:00h)
Strassbourg, France



Traditional concert of the Harmonie Bischheim. On the program, one piece will be particularly remarkable: the French premiere of the 3rd Symphony “Urban Landscapes” by Swiss Composer Franco Cesarini.

A vast composition with colors, halfway between Jazz and symphonic music, the composer highlights the monumental architecture of several buildings in the city of Chicago.

The Harmonie Bischheim has also decided to highlight the Horn this year by programming “Cape Horn” by Austrian composer Otto M. Schwarz, with horn player Lydie Lutz as soloist.


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