La Flûte au Salon for Flute and Piano

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Edited and Performed by Franco Cesarini

COMPOSER Various (for further details please see content below)
EDITOR Franco Cesarini
ARTISTS Franco Cesarini, Flute & Anna Somaschini, Piano
EDITION NO. 1506-08 M
GENRE Classical
PRODUCT FORMAT Performance Score, Part & CD (Demo + Play-Along)
PUBLISHER Mitropa Music

During the 19th century, technical progress made possible by the invention of the Böhm System, encouraged the composition of many works for flute. The instrument acquired new sound capabilities and important technical features, making it one of the most agile and virtuosic musical instruments. At first, eminent composers were reluctant to write major works for the instrument; it was Claude Debussy who sparked the resurgence of the flute, and its renewed success continues; today it is one of the most popular instruments in the world. The search for new resources for the flute began with “minor” composers, who helped to revive the flute’s fortunes. Among them were a number of composers who were real virtuosi on the instrument: they performed in concerts and surprised audiences with their ability. This collection contains compositions by some of these people: Franz Doppler, Joachim Andersen, and Theobald Böhm himself, the eponymous inventor of the system. We are indebted to them, and many others, for the didactic material used today; they wrote collections of studies characterized by extreme technical difficulties. In this publication are original compositions for flute and piano. The exception is Czárdás by Monti which, being so typical of the spirit of that time, could not be omitted from our collection.

On the enclosed CD you will find a complete recording of all the pieces; you can also play the solo part with the piano accompaniment. These compositions are suitable for all occasions and will give great pleasure to the player, as well as, of course, to the listener!



Valse gracieuse Op. 261 No. 2

Wilhelm Pop, edited by Franco Cesarini


Scherzino Op. 55 No. 6

Joachim Andersen, edited by Franco Cesarini


Romance Op. 41

Georges Brun, edited by Franco Cesarini


Barcarolle et Tarantella Op. 70 No. 2

Bernhard Molique, edited by Franco Cesarini


Mazurka de Salon Op. 16

Albert Franz Doppler, edited by Franco Cesarini


Souvenir des Alpes Op. 27 No. 1

Theobald Böhm, edited by Franco Cesarini



Vittorio Monti, edited by Franco Cesarini

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